Vol. 1 No. 1     ISSN 1540-580X

A Model for Clinical Education in Athletic Training

Jeff G. Seegmiller, MS, ATC/L
Instructional Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator
School of Kinesiology and Recreation
Illinois State University

United States

CITATION: Seegmiller JG: A Model for Clinical Education in Athletic Training. The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. 2003. Volume 1 Number 1.

Clinical education is an intrinsic part of most allied health educational programs. However, conceptual models differ as to what constitutes quality for clinical experiences. As a relatively new allied health care field, athletic training education is adapting in order to meet the needs of a changing health care environment. Recent initiatives for clinical education mark the change from a quantitative (hours of exposure) approach, to one emphasizing quality (mastery over time). However, in this transition from field-based to curriculum emphasis, the coherence between different aspects of the educational process have weakened. This paper presents a background of clinical education in athletic training and presents a model for allied health education that offers distinct didactic, clinical, and field experience components.

Keywords and terms: athletic training, clinical education, models of training

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