Vol. 1 No. 2     ISSN 1540-580X

e-Health: A New Approach in Healthcare Practice

Vinod K. Podichetty M.D, M.S.
Robert S. Biscup, D.O., M.S.

Cleveland Clinic Florida Spine Institute
Weston, Florida

United States

CITATION: Podichetty VK, Biscup RS. e-Health: A New Approach in Healthcare Practice; The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice. July 2003. Volume 1 Number 2.

The Internet offers an unprecedented opportunity for healthcare information to be disseminated instantaneously. Quality of information, both scientific and nonscientific, and the development of tools to disseminate information securely via the Internet are the two most important issues related to achieving effective and wider exchange of health information. For the first time ever, information can be exchanged simultaneously and interactively all around the world, with the potential of being equally available to healthcare professionals as well as to patients. The big difference between yesterday's knowledge-based patient care and that of tomorrow, is a fundamental premise that patients will explore the web world with a desire to learn more about their condition, including its treatment and prognosis. This has evolved into the concept of e-health (Electronic Health).  Evaluation and examination of the information being conveyed via the Internet is important and necessary in order for the Internet to be an effective tool in healthcare.

Keywords and terms:  Internet, e-health, information quality, healthcare

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