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Jan  2014   

Volume 12 Number 1

 ISSN 1540-580X

Remarks, Comments, Editorials
“To Be or Not To Be” – A Problem With Decision Making? 
Dr. Robert Grosz
United States
2014 – Expect the Unexpected
Dr. Peter Holub
United States

When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail: A South Australian Perspective on Cultural Safety and Engaging the Unengaged
Dr. Saravana Kumar


Editors and Reviewers
Reviewers for this issue
Dr. Tabitha Parent-Buck Dr. Tamara Phelan
Ms. Donna Skelly Dr. Ingrid Provident
Dr. Saravana Kumar Dr. Charles Lewis
Mr. Timothy Burnham Ms. Kathleen Danger
Dr. Melissa Snyder Dr. Valerie Herzog
Dr. Ovidio Olivencia  
Editors for this issue
Dr. Guy Nehrenz Dr. Eric Shamus - Copy editor
Dr. Cheryl Hill - Copy editor Ms. Chrystal Randle - Format
Ms. Sidelle Silverstein - Admin Dr. Harvey Feldman
Dr. Karen Grimmer Dr. Peter Holub
Dr. Bini Litwin  


The Effects of a Single Event Interprofessional Education (IPE) Experience on Occupational Therapy Students
Schreiber J, Goreczeny A, Bednarek M, Hawkins S, Hertweck M, Sterrett S.
United States

Percentile Ranks for Walking Speed in Subjects 70-79 Years: A Meta-Analysis

Roush J, Bay RC.

United States


Systematic Desensitization of Hyperacusis and Vocal Pitch Disorder Treatment in a Patient with Autism
Steiger J, Ruhlin S.
United States


Investing in Practice Infrastructure Influences Practice Progress

Lowe-Heistad M, Adams D, Giesbrecht M, Krahn E.



Electronic Practical Skills Assessments in the Health Professions: A Review

Snodgrass SJ, Ashby SE, Onyango L, Russell T, Rivett DA.



Using Learning Style Preferences to Enhance the Education and Training of Allied Health Professionals
Sinnerton T, Leonard L, Rogers K.

United Kingdom


The Correlation Between Sleep Efficiency and the Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Homoud M.

United States


The Effect of Lower Leg Casting on Energy Cost During Independent Ambulation: Considerations for Clinical Practice

LaPorte C, Johnson D, Koen K, Hardy L, Montgomery V.

United States

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